I’m Florian Mielke, iOS Expert and Consultant.

I help businesses rethink and redesign their internal and external processes using mobile devices and apps.

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Over the past 23 years, I have worked with companies from various industries to improve their sales, support, marketing, or IT workflows.

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, I’ve been focusing on introducing new or optimizing existing mobile solutions with my customers.

Building iOS apps since 2009, I have extensive knowledge of iOS application design, development and deployment to Apple’s App Store.

I am proficient in Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, UIKit, Core Data, and other iOS Frameworks.


  • WorkTimes

    Track your hours worked and overtime on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

    Available since 2009 and one of the most successful hours tracking apps for employees in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


  • MinuteTaker

    Create and share structured meeting minutes, notes and summaries on your iPad or iPhone.

    Available since 2012 and used by various companies and enterprises worldwide.